Rosie takes the subway for a 45-minute ride to visit Gilda’s Club every week for two hours to attend her weekly support group. Occasionally, she will visit more often, to hear an informative lecture – perhaps on the topic of pain management – or attend one of the monthly groups on “Living with Metastatic Cancer” – or even a workshop, like “Letting Go Through Laughter Yoga.” But ultimately, it’s the two hours she spends every week with her support group – people diagnosed with cancer – that means the most to her. It’s in this room that she receives the support she needs to help her through the uncertainties of living with cancer.
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  • Social Activities

    Social activities are meant to build a sense of community and belonging.
  • Just for Children & Teens

    A special place where children who have been affected by cancer – whether through their own diagnosis or that of a loved one – can find support in a fun, facilitated play environment.

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