Beth Meagher, Dr. Vicki Goodman, Lily Safani, Denise Albert, Gerri Willisphoto by Rob Rich/ ©2017 516-676-3939

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our 10th Anniversary Benefit Luncheon, Celebrating Women, such a success with more than $313,000 raised for our comprehensive cancer program which provides free support to women like Nancy Ireland, our Gilda’s Club member speaker who shared her touching story about her cancer experience.
Thank you and congratulations to our honorees Dr. Vicki Goodman and Beth Meagher for their outstanding work in the cancer community.
Special thanks to Gerri Willis for delivering an inspiring keynote speech, and to Denise Albert for sharing her story and graciously hosting our Luncheon. We are also grateful to Sebastian Clarke, our auctioneer, who helped raise a record …

Beth Meagher, Dr. Vicki Goodman, Lily Safani, Denise Albert, Gerri Willis photo by Rob Rich/ ©2017 516-676-3939


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    Social activities are meant to build a sense of community and belonging.
  • Just for Children & Teens

    A special place where children who have been affected by cancer – whether through their own diagnosis or that of a loved one – can find support in a fun, facilitated play environment.

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