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Changing Images Brightens up the Clubhouse

The second floor of our Clubhouse is busy. Each day, 100 or more members attend support groups in one of four designated rooms, and children and teens utilize the pantry area, known as Gilda’s Study Corner, to do their homework with a trained volunteer. It had become a very tired and well-worn space.

Thanks to Changing Images Art Foundation, this heavily trafficked area recently received a bright and colorful make-over. Because we strive to provide a warm and welcoming space to anyone who walks through our Red Door, this is a welcomed change.

Changing Images Art Foundation, Inc., is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide “Medicine for the Soul”. Co-founded in 1997 by Arlene RB Sullivan, Executive Director and artist, their goal is to bring comfort and color to people of all ages in institutional facilities through supervised, interactive, art activities. Changing Images is now celebrating 20 years in its journey to bring color and comfort to facilities in need.

Many years ago, we invited Changing Images to create a design for Noogieland. Arlene recounts the experience:

“We came up with a giant Noogieland banner and also an idea for a tree filled with giant, red hearts that had Gilda peeking around from behind the tree trunk. We organized a painting event during the course of an evening, where people were invited to join us and add their personal brushstroke on the pre-drawn paintings.

There were so many people in attendance that we soon were taking ceiling tiles down to draw and paint brightly colored butterflies on those as well. It was a magical night for all.”

In reconnecting with their past sites, they struck up a conversation with Deborah Wilson, Director of Development and Lily Safani, CEO, who informed Changing Images of the unfortunate pipe burst that happened 3 years ago that ruined Noogieland, including a lot of the original artwork. However, through the generosity of donors, the room was restored.

Arlene asked us if we needed any other work done at the Clubhouse. After some thought, the second floor pantry area came to mind.

And just like that, Changing Images came through with transforming the area into an indoor gazebo with brightly colored flowers, butterflies and hot air balloons flying in cloud filled skies.

Says Sullivan, “It was an honor and privilege to be able to take on this project. We hope this newly finished area will bring a sense of calm to all who pass through, for many years to come. We certainly look forward to working with Gilda’s Club in the future.”

Many thanks to Arlene and Changing Images for the beautiful mural which has undoubtedly brought a positive and uplifting change to our space and to our members.

For more information about Changing Images Art Foundation, visit them at