Healthy lifestyle workshops are offered to enrich the mind and body, and promote self-discovery. They include a broad range of body movement, stress reduction and creative arts workshops. Click below for descriptions of some of our workshops. (Not all workshops may be listed. Please check the program calendar for scheduled dates and times.)

Body Movement
Name Description Facilitator(s)
Aikido Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is defined as “the way of harmonizing energy.” Participants take part in low impact physical and mental exercises designed to strengthen the body and sharpen the mind through the study of the wooden sword (bokken), breathing exercises and meditation. Glen Matsuda
Belly Dancing In this beginner’s belly dance class, we will go over the basic poses, breath work, posture and steps. Lauren Sher Budabin
Gentle Yoga In Gentle Yoga we will be working with traditional yoga poses and breathing, sequenced and performed in a way that suits individual students’ needs and abilities. The class is gently challenging, meditative and restorative. Tracy Anderson; Livvie Mann; Liz Dalton
Moving for Life: Gentle Aerobics Regain joy of movement and sense of well-being through a program combining music and exercise. This workshop may help manage the side-effects associated with cancer treatment and post-treatment issues, including fatigue, weakness, weight gain, depression, lymphedema and joint or bone pain. Caroline King
Qi Gong Based on ancient Chinese techniques, the exercises enhance physical and emotional balance and range of movement by providing gentle strengthening of the body. Joanthan Breshin; Elise Grebe
Pilates Mat Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on core strength, flexibility, and awareness to support efficient movement and balance. All fitness levels are welcome! Miranda Stevens
Seated Yoga Seated Yoga offers a supportive environment for participants to learn and practice gentle chair-based yoga postures in an effort to connect with his/her body on the living-with-cancer journey. Nancy Joyce
Vinyasa Yoga Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow from one yoga pose to the next. Rachel Darivoff; Laura Adelson; Mary Butler-Fink
Walking Qigong This class will incorporate techniques from traditional Qigong with mindful walking first practiced by madam Guo Lin, the founder of Walking Qigong. The practice promotes calmness, strength and other emotional benefits. Brenda Wyetzner
Yoga Dance Yoga Dance is a playful dance class that incorporates yoga, aerobic and dance moves to music encompassing a wide range of genres and cultures. Steve Kerner
Yoga: Refresh & Revitalize Discover the joys of yoga during this class which combines asana, pranayama and meditation with soothing music in a candlelit room. Relax your mind, refresh your spirit and revive your body – no matter what your physical condition. Diane Cimine, RYT
Zumba Zumba promotes a healthy lifestyle through dance, music and exercise while making moving fun. Basic Latin rhythms such as Salsa, Merengue, and Cumbia will be learned, as well as skills such as coordination, balance, discipline, memory and creativity. All are welcome no matter your dance ability! Evie Aronson
Stress Reduction
Name Description Facilitator(s)
1-Minute Relief from Stress Self-hypnosis is an amazing and easy technique that can help you relax and gain soothing relief from various stressors such as fear, anger, worry, and negativity. This fun, informative workshop teaches and practices the 4 easy steps of Easy Self Hypnosis. Scott Weiner
Breathe & Release: An Introduction to Conscious Connected Breathwork Conscious Connected Breathwork increases the ability to renew a natural connection with the body as well as cultivate mindfulness about our thought patterns. By learning to breathe consciously and fully, we can release emotional burdens held in the mind and body, which impact how we interact in relationships and our environment.  In this workshop we will use a simple breathing technique to facilitate the release of stress and tension from the body. Catherine Man
Easy Self-Hypnosis for life Self-hypnosis is an amazing and easy technique that can help you relax and gain soothing relief from various stressors such as fear, anger, worry, and negativity. This fun, informative workshop teaches and practices the 4 easy steps of Easy Self Hypnosis. Scott Weiner
Imagine Pease, Practice Peace: Meditation as a Still Point Peace begins by realizing calmness and non-reactivity with respect to ourselves.  Meditation as a state of fundamental stillness, silence and spaciousness, provides a doorway to unconditional acceptance and a possibility of extending this appreciation to others. Konrad Ryushin Marchaj
Improving Your Mood Through Hypnosis Your subconscious mind has restorative power that we often do not know how to access without practice. In this workshop we will discuss what the subconscious mind is and techniques on how to use your subconscious mind to help balance your mood, decrease your worries and improve your sleep. Alexander Ivlev
Letting Go Through Laughter Yoga This workshop is based on yogic principles that include laughter exercises with movement, stretching and intermittent deep breathing often performed while standing up. Laughter Yoga may help strengthen the immune system and unwind the negative effects of stress. It may also improve your sense of humor, self-confidence and communication skills. Francine Shore; Lisa Berman
Movement Meditation Release stress and find stillness through simple movements connecting body and breath. A meditation class designed for beginners, inspiring basic, tangible tools to effectively manage stress on your own starting with breath practice, then repetitive small movements, and eventually arriving to a guided meditation. Nancy Joyce; Hillary Helmling
Reiki Using a modality called reiki, energy workers will help participants move their own energy throughout the body in a relaxing, peaceful setting for a 30-minute session. Jill Wachter & Friends
Creative Arts
Name Description Facilitator(s)
A Room of One’s Own: Meditation & Art Blending meditation and art, we will begin with a visual meditation that will spark our imaginations. Using this inspiration, attendees will develop vision boards using an array of art mediums including drawing, painting, collage and mixed media. No art experience necessary; just an open mind and endless creative possibilities! Patricia Sarnataro
Art Projects Art Projects provides the opportunity for you to express yourself creatively in different types of art medium-pencil, charcoal, acrylic paint, water colors and many other materials. Art books and magazines are provided for inspiration. No art experience required! Judy Tulin
Knitting Circle Join fellow members of all levels who share a love for knitting. No experience required. Barbara Glassman
Stand Up Comedy Anything you experience, observe, feel or imagine can be a source for stand-up comedy. This interactive workshop on creating jokes and comedic stories is for anyone wanting to become funnier, heightens their appreciation of humor, or simply share joy and laughter.  No experience needed! David Labarca
The Story You Tell Writing Workshop This workshop will demonstrate poetry and memoir techniques as a medium to unfold personal reflections and will create a setting that welcomes all different voices. Although participants will be invited to share their work, it’s not required. Paulina Pinsky & Alex Dabertin
John Lennon Real Love Project: A Song Writing Workshop Sing your truth!  Using John Lennon’s music and message as the inspiration, you’ll learn basic guitar playing and songwriting techniques from acclaimed artists Pete & Maura Kennedy. Guitars are provided and no previous songwriting experience is required. Pete and Maura Kennedy
Theatre Within
Storytelling Everyone has a story to tell! This workshop is designed to help guide you to write and share your personal and authentic story. Learn to trust your voice and experience by exploring your story. Jessica Kaplan

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