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Update from Gilda’s Club NYC Leadership

September 1, 2020

Dear Gilda’s Club Community,

As we near the six-month mark of our program shift to virtual platforms, we wanted to provide you with an update.

The pandemic environment hasn’t shifted much – albeit better case numbers and a slow return to in-person, outdoor activities in Manhattan. However, that does not change our position to protect our members, our volunteers, and staff as best we can.

Since March, our virtual Red Door has been wide-open and maintained a robust cancer support program and welcomed new members to our virtual community.  Our physical Clubhouse on West Houston Street remains closed to the public and this will continue in all likelihood through the end of the year.

What started out as a carefully planned year of commemorative celebrations of our founding in New York City and 25 years of free cancer support, has evolved into new and innovative ways of delivering our mission and connecting with our supporters who make it all possible. What has happened in New York City since March has just validated even further the demand for our program and our celebration is now a celebration of the power of our community to support our important mission and reach more New Yorkers living with cancer than ever before!

Our support groups, healthy lifestyle workshops, and educational lectures are more important and appreciated than ever. Our virtual program attendance has grown significantly by 50% across all activities. We also added new social gatherings for our children and families – Noogies at Noon and Special Event: Family Scavenger Hunt – each provided a recess from the inevitable weariness of our continued social distancing. We continue to gather together, while apart.

This success does not mean we don’t recognize the importance of in person support and allowing the physical presence and warmth that has been with us for 25 years. We WILL get back to that just as soon as humanly possible!

Continue to be safe. Physical distance is difficult but important to getting us back on track. Wherever we are, we are together.

Stay safe and be well,

Lily Safani

Migdalia Torres
Executive Director,
Program and Offsite Expansion